July 6, 2008

a little off the topic

After driving my ford windstar van down some bumpy dirt roads...which are often the types of roads that lead to trailheads, I began thinking about a different vehicle. I had done the "hockey/baseball mom" van for about 4 years and since the kids would probably complain that one is touching the other in a 15 passenger van, I decided something more practical for the "hiker mom" was in store. With gas prices skyrocketing I was against getting a gas guzzling suv (the new nature lover in me thinks, who wants to do that to the environment no matter how much gas costs). So, after researching the Honda CR-V, I set out by myself to test drive and ultimately buy my new compact suv...it has plenty of room for tons of gear, whether it is hiking gear or the large amount of baseball gear we lug around constantly. I am thrilled with my purchase. The day I picked it up, I slapped an ADK sticker on it and I was good to go!

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