June 28, 2009

graduation "gift"

WAY TO GO ANDREW! I am so honored to have been included in YOUR big day!


Allison said...

Congrats to you as well Corin. Your love and support played a big part in his success. such a great story. love the picture too.

DAD said...

You gave him alot of what he needed at that age. How many others would have?.......probabley none. He will use those words and lessons form you many more times as he goes thru life. I'm sure his children will be told about the part you played in his transformation. I'm very proud of what you have done.

mom said...

this is one of those hallmark "pay it forward" moments. I am sure Andrew has read your sentiment over and over to file for future reference. What you did for him and his father will be so special in his heart all his life. (and yours).