March 5, 2010

5 years

My job always seems to bring me into close quarters with people who are suffering with loss. Some are fresh losses and some are longstanding unresolved grief issues. For someone who has real trouble holding emotion in check this has been a challenge. In the span of three weeks two people I work with have tragically lost a child. THEIR CHILD....and at the same time are trying to remain sober and mentally healthy as well as in compliance during the most difficult time they might ever face. I am humbled on a daily basis, but especially on the days this past month that my people entrusted me with the details of their most raw and private event. Just as a firefighter runs toward a burning building....even though I know I don't do death and sadness well...I feel a real urge to reach out and offer a neutral and safe place for their expressions of feeling. After all...I know how hard it is to say goodbye. And I cannot believe it has been five years. I never tell people to give it time.

This helps..........