September 13, 2008

the fire department remembers 9/11/01

My daughter innocently expressed that although she observed the moment of silence along with her classmates, she had no idea why they were having the moment of silence to begin with. She was two when the towers were hit 7 years ago. So just when something seems like yesterday, we are reminded how quickly time flies. I am glad my daughter remains somewhat clueless on the subject of terrorism.

My husband's 20 years of service to his volunteer fire department makes the anniversary of 9/11 more poignant and the following poem which I stumbled across back in college pretty much sums up the reality of being a fireman. In the town his fire department serves, the selflessness described is definitely alive and well.

Volunteer Fire Departments are, when the alarm goes off, almost the only examples of enthusiastic unselfishness to be seen in this land. They rush off to the rescue of any human being, and count not the cost. The most contemptible man in town, should his house catch fire, will see his enemies put that fire out. There we have people treasuring people as people. It's extremely rare. So from this we must learn.

God Bless You Mr. Rosewater
-Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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