September 21, 2008

what a girl

I was a hockey mom for eight exciting seasons (the blue line had a different meaning) and a little league mom during those same eight years. Every June I get to be the dance recital stage mother, however I am about as atypical as a stage mom can be. Saturday I made my debut as "soccer mom". Although, after reading the definition of soccer mom , I am not sure I want to be known as one. My daughter has been talking about how much she loves to play soccer in gym class and I guess I just never took her that seriously. After all, she is graceful on the dance floor and very much a girly girl, plans to be a cheerleader type. So I thought. Even her brother said he couldn't believe how good she is at playing soccer. This is the ultimate compliment. She ran her heart out and aggressively went after that ball. Even playing with and against the boys! She totally ate up the fact that we were there for HER. After all, she is practically a professional baseball spectator always playing the supporting role. On my way to the game that morning, I still had my doubts about how into a soccer game I could actually get. This sport is all new to me. Well, it doesn't take long to fall in love with a sport. Especially when your daughter already has.

I can be Reagan's soccer mom, but you won't catch me driving another mini van....

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