October 4, 2008

hadley mountain on a whim

hiking with my sister comes at a huge price. she cannot do anything carefree and unplanned. she has 3 kids under age 7. she has been wanting to do a high peak with us but very often those trips are planned without much notice after weather watching hints at a clear day. so, her first hike happened on saturday and with only a moments notice. my mother had been planning the hike with a bunch of her coworkers, including an 80 year old councilman who has been wanting to hike hadley for many years. i could not bare the thought of them doing the mountain without me and so after reagan's soccer practice i sprung it on my sister that she too was going. afterall, it was a nice day...i offered to carry her 27 pound 1 year old on my back. this was a good plan, until the baby started crying for her mother halfway up the mountain. essentially, my sister did her first "real" mountain with a baby on her back and two other kids in tow, which is really wanting to hike! she assured us that the view was definitely worth the strenuous effort. after this i would have to wonder what can't a mother of three do? we already knew that she can do just about anything with one arm.
hopefully the weather will cooperate next friday when i drag her up to the adk loj to do mount jo. no kids.

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Allison said...

aaawwww....Thanks Sis!