October 14, 2008

surgery it is

We took Shadow to Veterinary Specialties today in Rotterdam NY for his consultation. Dr. Bowersox was "excited" (his word) that shadow actually has an Infraspinatus Contracture. Apparently this guy comes from Minnesota where they see this injury in the many hunting/working dogs out there all the time. He said he used to perform the corrective surgery 4-5 times per week, but since coming to NY 5 years ago he has not seen an animal with the problem at all. He told us we were "lucky". I thought this doctor was strangely happy that he was going to get to perform this surgery. Maybe he misses Minnesota and this somehow makes him feel at home. I would consider myself to be lucky if this guy offered to do the surgery Pro Bono. The low estimate for next Monday's procedure- $1,400. Fortunately, he said Shadow will be running around the yard in a day or so and his gait will be fixed immediately. He also said Shadow could resume hiking 3 weeks later. Ummmm...No way. Maybe next season. For now he is on the DL for the rest of the year. I need to remind myself how grateful I was last week that there was a surgery that would fix him and that he wasn't terminally ill. I could try to think up one of those mastercard commercials....the last line would be- a vet who loves his job and is excited about performing a surgery that will make your dog as good as new....Priceless.

There, I think I feel better.

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