October 19, 2008

The Would Restaurant

In August my husband's cousins came to town for his mother's funeral services. They had a whirlwind session of catching up on each other's lives and careers, but decided they wanted to make the extra effort to see one another more regularly. Dan's cousin, Claire, operates The Would Restaurant in Highland, New York and told us to come down anytime for dinner. Claire is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York and her restaurant is 8 miles from there over the Mid-Hudson Bridge in the New Paltz/Highland area. The crazy thing is that I went to Marist College for four years and never once did we venture over to her restaurant. After Saturday's dinner, I am really kicking myself for that. Claire is also a food stylist and works on the set of several product infomercials. Some well known, such as the Jack Lalane Juicer and currently the spot Montel Williams is doing called Living Well with Montel. I find it interesting to hear about her work in the advertising arena. We took off for the two hour drive south with Dan's brother and his girlfriend 20 minutes after I suggested the idea. We weren't even aware that his cousin from Virginia was also there for the weekend. So it was a two for one visit and the food was out of this world. Claire's assistant chef is also a CIA graduate. I had tilapia with peach and jalapeno compote and Dan had steak with bleu cheese butter. We both had a house salad with their own orange and cranberry vinaigrette. For an appetizer, I had shrimp and vegetable spring rolls. Also being passed around the table was calamari and a mozzarella appetizer. We enjoyed organic Ladybug wine and a "S'more's Bomb" for dessert. I could go on and on about the food (it rivals bistro tallulah). Happily, the dinner was accented by good company and lively conversation. Thanks to Andy and Lorraine for driving us the 4 hour round trip....here's to spontaneity! Next time we're hitting Times Square after dinner.....

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