November 5, 2008

a big dose of diversity

So, I was indeed the sole voter in my family of republicans to vote for Barack Obama. My daughter accompanied me into the booth, as she has done since her first election day at the age of 6 months. She was excited and I was a bit tearful as we pulled the lever together. The historical moment almost too inconceivable. I worried that my grandfather would be disappointed in me, my reasons for voting for Obama having been questioned by many....but finally, it has occurred to me...he would never be disappointed in me, ever. He was that loving and supportive. Regarding the election, he would expect me to do what I thought was right and not let anyone try to influence me otherwise, even if he didn't agree with me. Most importantly, my grandfather would get the biggest kick out of his littlest grandchildren talking about politics, wanting to beep at the people holding a rally in the park for Obama, campaigning to fourth grade friends and waking at 6:10 on the day after election day to learn the results of not only the presidential race, but also the senate race. He would say it was "just great". Strangely, election day triggers me to miss him terribly. They say we live on in our children and grandchildren... well, it might not be for the "right" party, but his love of politics and this country is alive and well in all of us. I am however, avoiding my grandmother...I think she may choke me out the next time I see her. Yeah, she's a whole other post.


Cedar ... said...

two acquaintances were Obama workers,.. one in CO and one in PA,...I have had emails from both with wonderful stories about their groups on election night. Yes, I pulled that lever and felt good about it all day. I hear rumblings at my workplace about how some are "afraid" for our country,.. sad. I'm proud.

Jennifer said...

I heard the "afraid" comments, too. What I'd truly be afraid of is if some of my co-workers were the ones running the show!

sheri said...

Soooo,you think it's safe for me to come up for Thanksgiving? Cause dinner's at your grandmothers!!