November 3, 2008

gettin closer to the driver's seat

thanks jen for helping me find the perfect election day post!

~exercise your right to vote today~

*women and black people had to wait a long time for that right


Jennifer said...

ah...a sneak preview! Good version. I like the kids singing...Off to bed...Tomorrow is a BIG DAY!

Cedar ... said...

Perfect! Love the video and I'd never heard that song before. Don't know how I have missed it. I remember a scene in the biography about Dorothy Dandridge, after she became a famous movie star, at a ritzy hotel,.. she dipped her toe in the swimming pool in defiance,.... the manager had the pool drained and santitized,.. how stupid was that? We've come a long way, and have a ways to go yet with some issues. I'm headed out the door to go vote before I go to work!