December 7, 2008

the ornament

Dan and I had the luxury of an evening out together last night. We attended the annual Fire Department Christmas Party and stayed overnight at the hotel where the party was held. Luckily for me there is a new, younger fireman who has taken over as the life of the party and Dan didn't feel the need to entertain folks as he has usually done in the past. The thing is, I found that when it wasn't my husband making a binge drinking fool of himself, I could laugh and enjoy the antics of this extremely intoxicated deputy sheriff. His wife was calm and cool as he cavorted about the dance floor, making all of us question whether he actually worked as a male dancer prior to his law enforcement gig. So anyway, we were able to wake up this morning and have an enjoyable breakfast at a little diner up the street from the hotel as a reward for my husband pacing himself and not ending up completely sick and hungover. As we made plans for the rest of this day off together, it was quickly determined that it was now (or never) the day to cut down our tree and decorate it. Dread came over me as I recalled that for the past three years when we open the box of special ornaments, Reagan tearfully objects to us hanging the ornament of the three bears "bearing" the names of the "family" that existed for 3 years prior to her arrival. I, being the first born (spoiled, bossy, know it all) of my family of origin take the stance that it is going on the tree because Reagan must come to terms with the fact that there was life before her and we should not have to retire this ornament because it is (ridiculously) upsetting to her. Dan, the last born (6 years between he and his next sibling, otherwise known as the "oops" baby) tells me to put the ornament away if she is going to cry about it. Of course I win the contest and the ornament goes on the tree every year just as it did that first year she was old enough to realize that it discluded her. I wonder about the sensitivity of the birth order argument (I am sure my younger sister would understand Reagan's discord) and whether Dan has a special understanding of the plight of the family baby or whether Dan is just sticking up for "daddy's little girl". Surely both are a Sociology nightmare. I am not heartless where Reagan and the ornament fiasco are concerned. After some informal mediation (bribing) the ornament went on the tree but we also went to the mall..... We bought a special "Mom, Dad and Reagan" she too has us all to herself.

And then we bought the same cute bears in the family of four version.....

I can happily report that today, she ceremoniously and dramatically managed a few good whines when she saw the original...but quickly stated that she didn't care anymore!

She was more interested in doing a dancing with the stars jive to rockin around the xmas tree. Wow...Cheer up Reagan!


Allison said...

we had one ornament with the names on them before there was vivian. I put it on the tree anyway. No arguments from anyone - but Vivian did notice the number of ornaments Kyle has clearly outweighs the number she has. Partly because of you know who, but I also had to explain that Kyle has 3 years of ornament collecting before she came along. You did get me thinking that it's time for us too to get a famuily of 5 ornament with names huh? As for me being the youngest, - I remember being excited each year that I was getting my own special ornament - if there was a family before there was me ornament, I don't recall it being an issue.

Tracey said...

I was the middle child and it never bothered me... Life DID exist before her. I think you're right: she needs to accept it.

Glad this year was a better experience!

Cedar ... said...

I love it! Her dance routine shows that she is growing up and moving on,.... and your new ornaments were sure a big part of that. Great move, Mom!