December 27, 2008

I'm going cellular

My friend Sheri has been threatening to buy me a cell phone for the last couple of years. She has been irritated that when I am not home, I am not accessible. She is never home either, which is why we usually talk via her cell phone while she is commuting all over NYC. She took the bull by the horns and purchased me the above phone complete with 2 year contract so that she will be able to reach me whenever, wherever. I have just become part of the verizon network, people. She stipulated some rules. #1- that I stay within the 450 minutes per month. #2- that I am the only, ONLY! one to use it, it is my personal cell phone. This should not be hard to follow as I am the last one in my family to own one. The kids already each have a trac phone and Dan has his nextel. (Thank God she did not get me a nextel, I hate them with a passion). Rule #3 after 2 years I will take over the contract. By then I will probably be just as addicted as the rest of the planet is to having a cell phone and will by all means extend the contract myself. I thank her very much from the bottom of my heart as I know this was an expensive gift and she surely did not have to do this for me. I am glad however that we will be able to connect in an instant now. Thanks for bringing me current BFF.

I have a few cell phone rules for myself, that my peeps will have to understand. (Not that I have that many peeps) Here goes:

#1- I vow to not be one of those grocery shoppers who talk incessantly in every aisle into their phone oblivious to everyone else who can no longer think about what they need because of the rudeness.

#2- I will not be interrupted at my children's sporting events as I have been forever disgusted with the mother sitting next to me who talks and talks and talks to a friend about nothing while her son is up to bat. If I tell you I am at greg's game, that is not the green light to think I am bored and am happy you called to relieve me of said boredom. The only reason I will use the phone at a game is to update anyone who is not at the game who is calling for the score.

#3- If I am ever out with the girls I will not be answering my phone. The only reason someone from my immediate family should call and interrupt my girls nights out is if someone is en route to the hospital via ambulance. I am not kidding. This is my time and I know if this is not stated someone will abuse my phone privileges.
#4-I may make phone calls from the summit of a few mountains to curtail any worrying though I have been annoyed by others talking on cell phones at that time. I will be sure to preserve the tranquility of the moment for any other hikers who may be present.

*subject to change at any further annoyance with my new capability of being "connected".


Cedar ... said...

Very nice gift! And I like your rules. My tracfone is with me on the road, or if i'm off camping, the rest of the time it's turned off and lives on top of the refrigerator. I'm still resisting regular usage. Coverage has just been extended to our part of the Adirondacks, wonder if I'll use it more now?

Allison said...

Oh good, now if we are driving to work in bad weather, or we come upon an accident - we can be Confident that we are not alone - we will have your network!

Jennifer W said...

ahahahahaaaa...I liked rule #3.

sheri said...

Snif, snif...this is a proud moment. A moment of silence please!!!