January 22, 2009


My Son has his own little cheering section at his basketball games.
His team is now 8-0. At the end of tonight's game I asked his coach to check in with his English and Science teachers to make sure all his work is handed in so that there are no surprises in a couple weeks when report cards come out. Of course, my son was mortified that I did this but the "bad mother" did not apologize as it seems to have rekindled some urgency where his school work is concerned. Recently, his attention has been mostly focused on the pretty girl holding the sign. His coach said "I'll find out about English and Science tomorrow, but it definitely looks like he's got a 100% in Cupid".


Allison said...

I am so happy for greg. You can tell he is enjoying himself and he really comes alive out on the floor! - It's hard not to fall to pieces watching him - I am so proud.
All those girls shouting his name....every boys dream.

Cedar ... said...

Awwwww...... that IS cute!

Jennifer W said...

That IS really cute.