January 17, 2009

Game Night and Asparagus

this recipe has been requested from a die hard reader in Waldorf, Maryland....

Also, I am itching to post about our "game night" at Mark and Jennifer's house. I, however, was not the one with the camera and I was not the host. Therefore, I will wait and see what the other's come up with. It was a lot of fun.

OK.....Some observations.

  • Dan cannot go to anymore game nights if he is to follow his eating plan....people, places and things goes for everyone. I ate a pork empanada...see no will power.
  • the two year old and the 18 month old played the nicest of all of the kids..On the other hand, reagan did decide that rather than fight with her 6 year old cousin over who was going to be the waiter while playing restaurant, she would probably make out better playing the owner. Not surprising.
  • gramma can beat the pants off anyone is scrabble but you really don't want her on your Taboo team. Although we did laugh the hardest when it was her turn.
  • Apples to Apples is a game that all ages can enjoy.
  • Another game night is definitely in order, especially if we are going to keep having extreme cold. 10 degrees on the digital thermometer tonight.

New Tradition....*first annual* Saturday of Martin Luther King Jr. three day weekend GAME NIGHT............Thanks Guys~


Jennifer W said...

Thanks for coming! and for brining Apples to Apples. I like games I can win. I did start to strategize...of course the 13 yo was going to pick "airline food" for juicy!

We are going to see how re-heated brie tastes today. I am totally whipped!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the recipe. I hope to try it soon. It sounded like everyone had a good time at your FIRST Annual. I can't wait to see pictures and hear more about it. Reading the blogs keeps me connected and informed but I would rather be there participating. One day!

corin said...

@Janie: We talked about you.. never fear. Would rather have you here with us too.

Cedar ... said...

I like how Reagan thinks! :)

Allison said...

ok - let me know how you made the font a different color and bigger for just a couple of words.
oh and I had a really good time at game night too. I think I volunteered your house for the next one - I thought it would be nice to rotate