February 16, 2009

Pesto Pizza Night

An update on my intention of eating less meat. I had a meat eating relapse on Super Bowl Sunday when before I knew it I had popped a dough wrapped cocktail frank smothered with mustard in my mouth. As if that wasn't enough, I said what the heck and ate some pepperoni with my cheese and crackers. Really going all out, I could not stop myself from eating one cocktail frank wrapped in bacon. Luckily, one was too many but 3 cocktail franks were ENOUGH. In the 15 days since superbowl, I have had bacon twice and each time it was bacon bits. Other than my weakness for bacon, I have not touched another piece of meat. I am eating the foods that I REALLY like and varying what I eat quite nicely. Tonight we were having homemade pizza and I decided that I would make a personal size pizza for myself using pesto, monteray jack cheese, sudried tomatos, black olives and artichokes. I sprinkled some garlic powder and cayenne pepper on the top. For the crust I used a box of Jiffy Pizza Crust mix. We usually use fresh wheat dough from the market, but the mix was good. The included picture is actually NOT my pizza, but was the closest representation I could find. (sister took camera home and my other one doesn't communicate with my computer) My pizza actually looked better than this one, but you get the idea. I have one quarter of it left which I will eat for lunch (or breakfast) tomorrow. In addition to being a good pizza, it will make an awesome appetizer for a party. My meat eating prevention plan is going to have to involve bringing this to the next function. Maybe I won't be as apt to recklessly grab mini hot dogs. OF ALL meat, hot dogs are definitely a top priority to stay away from!


Cedar ... said...

You are right on the hot dogs idea,.... do you remember the old commercial for some product that i don't remember,.. the slogan was "parts is parts..." that's how I think of hot dogs. "parts is parts..."... but I do enjoy a michigan during summer weekends. other than that I pretty much leave them alone. Isn't the salt alone pretty deadly?

Allison said...

I envy the fact that you happen to have all of these delicious ingredients on hand. I can never just throw something together - I would have to go shopping first. Sounds like a delicious Pizza - can't wait to try it at the next party.

chasing dreams said...

I end up making pizza at least every other week. The boys love pepperoni and sausage but my favorite is a drizzle of olive oil, little heaps of ricotta, lots of fresh garlic, salt, pepper and shredded mozzarella...mmmmmmm. I'm going to give your version a whirl next time!