March 5, 2009

New Vet

I made the switch today. The new vet clinic first told me they have a waiting list, but when I mentioned my breeder friend by name, they got Hudson and Shadow immediately in as patients. Hudson will get his staples out at the new vet on March 13th. They tried to calm me by saying that sometimes these things happen, because puppies are so squirmy. Their opinion was that the vet should have had a tech in the room helping to hold the puppy rather than the owner (dan). They agreed that Hudson should continue on the antibiotics now that he has a wound. The receptionist explained that when I arrive for the first appointment they will have me sign releases for the records from the previous vet. Upon further consideration and urging from my people (blogger friends etc), I have decided to stop in at the vet and pick up shadow's medical records and whatever couple of pages they now have on Hudson. While I am there, I am going to demand that they refund me at least what it will now cost me at the new vet for them to remove the staples. Probably $40.00. How that goes will determine............. how large a can of whup-ass I open up on them. Stay tuned.


Cedar ... said...

Any person in the medical field, for humans or animals should have a caring personality,... the patient comes first. If you need extra cans of "whup-ass".... I can ship you a dozen on me.

Jennifer W said...

I think Sheri was right. You have a right to be made whole, you shouldn't have to pay anything out of pocket for someone else's mistake. Additionally, you have a right to bring your pet elsewhere for treatment. The bad vet may have offered to remove them for free (I don't know, did he?) but if you don't want him to do it, it is his responsibility to pay for it. Hope he sees it that way, too. If not, you may have to go on the People's Court.

DAD said...

Please warn him first " Don't make me open this can of whup-ass". I wouldn't want you opening one up on me! But on the other hand maybe he could use it!