March 8, 2009

when i look to the sky

a friend of the family, Shawn Kelly, a DJ for 95.9 played this on the air for my grandfather. just before his funeral. it became a bit of a theme song over the year that followed. i like to listen to it every once in a while. especially today.


DAD said...

"When I look to the sky" I say thank you to all of those for teaching US the things we use and feel every day.

Cedar ... said...

I have never heard that before, but I can see why you love the song,.. what a message!

Allison said...

This song was one of the first perfect sad grampa songs. I like that we still play it for balloon day too.
Your gentle on my mind post was absolutely perfect. it turns such a sad time into a time to remember forever. great job. I love you!

Cindy said...

I try to keep March 8th the BIRTHDAY that Dad would insist upon. I almost don't dare think otherwise. Mom was very happy with her day, and little Savanna. It's just like him to plan a little kid's birthday on our saddest day - like additional celebration insurance.
Miss you like crazy, Dad.