June 7, 2009

grooming for greg and hudson.

Greg broke his second tooth from the front clean off today during his baseball game. He had already been hit in the hand while catching and his wrist has been sore for about a week now. So in order to compensate for his hand and wrist, he got up to bat in the 3rd inning and decided he would be most comfortable bunting. Well, he doesn't usually bunt and it turns out that the ball came straight up and back at him catching him in the face. In addition to his tooth now being about an 1/8 of an inch long and very sensitive to hot and cold....there is a good size laceration inside his bottom lip. Luckily it didn't require stitches. Both the upper and lower lip are swollen. Tomorrow we'll find out how quick the dentist can get him in. His last question to the ER doctor was, "do I have to miss any playing time?" After a quick glance my way, the doctor told him no, there were no limitations on his activity. I am thankful he didn't break a limb, but I am not looking forward to the co payments of rebuilding his tooth. I am sure our share will be upwards of $1,000.
This little munchkin is going for his first haircut tomorrow. More so to get him used to standing still and behaving for the groomer because his coat is still coming back in after the skin problems he had a few months ago. She will trim him up a bit and do his toenails for us; hopefully his bangs won't be so out of control. It is the only part on him that really needs trimming.


Cedar ... said...

awwww,... sorry to hear about Greg's tooth. I'm glad it was only a tooth and not an eye injury or broken cheekbone,.. can always get a tooth fixed, but yes, with $$. Hudson.. I'll be watching for a pic of your haircut!

DAD said...

If you play a good deal of baseball and play it hard,you're going to take some dings! After the healing is done and the bills are paid it's going to make for a good story. It's like a "badge of courage".

Jennifer W said...


Anonymous said...

Yowee! Sorry about the tooth. That must hurt. Adorable pics and good looking human and pup kids!

LivingSimply47 said...

Hello Corin.
I wanted to thank you for your comment that you left on my blog. I appreciate it very much and thank you for the work that you do as well!! I hope to be back to more regular blogging soon and would love for you to stop by again.
Very nice pics and glad that the young man's injury wasn't worse.
Take care,