October 11, 2009


These guys have been friends literally since Greg was born. Andrew (on the left) was born March 2 and Greg was born on August 6. Our friends brought their little boy to see our little boy soon after he came home from the hospital. Andrew's mom and I spent 4 years being stay at home moms together. We went everywhere together and did a lot of hanging out at each other's homes to let the boys play. It was more for our socialization and I have always been thankful that a lot of my sanity was saved by the good friend I had in Meredith while we were learning the ropes as new mothers together. The boys of course went to the same preschool and I have cherished their graduation picture. For the past 10 years, this picture has been on display in a Winnie the Pooh and Tigger frame with the words...."bother free buddy break" at the top.

However, when they sang "Happy Trails"...at that graduation ceremony it meant that Greg and Andrew were off to different school districts for Kindergarten. Luckily, they stayed best friends despite the separation. They played hockey together for years and still did sleepovers at each other's houses. Then, last year, Greg transferred to the same school as Andrew and they were reunited at classmates. One person separates them in the alphabet, so they are one locker apart and have the same homeroom. They have shared Soooooo many firsts....and last night was their first homecoming dance.....and they are such good sports that they humored me with another buddy break picture....sans the thumbs up, but a real tearjerking moment for the moms nonetheless.....
I hope they will always appreciate the closeness they've grown up with! Love you guys ; )

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Jane said...

Turn around and they're one
Turn around and they're four
Turn around and they're grown
Walking out of the door

My how time flies.