July 14, 2008

gettin it done

I finally pulled it together today and wrote up the rest of my hikes to send to the Office of the Historian for the Adirondack Forty-Sixers. And mailed them.... complete with pictures of me on the trail and at the summits. In a few short weeks I will receive acknowledgement from my newly assigned correspondent who will follow me through this journey and keep my hiking folder accurate so that I may some day be awarded the much coveted 46er patch. I know this is how it works because my hiking partner father is way ahead of me. I just mailed all seven trip reports out at once, while he has written up and mailed out each of his practically the morning after we complete a hike. Since you have to mention who you hiked with and how the trip made you feel etc, his correspondent asked in her last response if his daughter was documenting the climbs also in order to become a 46er? Slowly but surely correspondent lady! I wish they accepted blog posts as proof..this is much more fun.

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