July 14, 2008

horsing around

I took a vacation day today with no plan of hiking whatsoever (not an easy thing). My non-hiking husband is off every monday and has hounded me for weeks to take a day. So upon waking this morning...I wondered what he had in store for us. Not sure if the weather was going to clear, I suggested taking the kids to the Wild Center. Where is it he asks? (he knows where it is)...I tell him Tupper Lake. He says he is not leaving our town. Luckily for us our town is a minor tourist attraction in itself, near Lake George but without the crowds. My daughter has weathered about as much baseball as any 9 year old girl should have to be subjected to, so it is decided that we will reward her with horseback riding. Our son decides quickly this is not his thing and chooses not to go. Another reward for his sister. She is happy to have mom and dad to herself today. We head out to Bennett's Riding Stable. Reagan rides Sandy, a "kid's horse". This means it is an older horse and not a frisky one. I got to ride Strawberry. She likes to stop and eat a lot, I must be stern with her and keep her going. Great. Dan gets Spud, a touchy horse. Good call. Reagan gets to lead with the guide. She looks adorable driving her own horse and is in her glory. We learned how to make the horses trot. a little scary. At one point, we were instructed to sit forward in the saddle in order for it to be easier for the horses to go up a steep part of the trail. I feel bad for the horse and think that I should be walking on my own two feet up this rocky trail. I got some exercise anyway...riding a horse uses some strange muscles. All in all a great activity. I still got to be in the woods and at the same time watched a priceless smile creep across my daughter's face. She is already planning for a next time.

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