August 27, 2008

bistro tallulah

I can't name the 13 other restaurants we have dined at for our wedding anniversaries, but this one will not soon be forgotten. The Bistro Tallulah was a fantastic choice for our 14th anniversary. Dan likes basic meat and potatos and is rarely open to trying new "cuisine", so I have been holding off suggesting that we try it. When he asked where I wanted to go this year, I thought it was time to spring it on him. I park near the bistro quite often when my work takes me to downtown Glens Falls, and I have looked longingly at the menu posted in the window on a couple of occasions, the last time making sure to scope out what was on the menu that I thought Dan might like. He got the hanger steak with sundried tomatos, grilled asparagus and gorgonzola with a garlic aioli- and liked all of it! He chose the chicken gumbo soup and raved about it. I had the pan seared salmon topped with arugula and citrus supreme salad on yukon gold potatos and grilled asparagus. To start, I chose a mixed green salad with two large scallops. The salad had pine nuts, a bleu cheese vinagrette dressing and cranberries. This was one of the best meals I have eaten in a long time. We were sat immediately at our reserved table, the waiter was very attentive and I was able to have an uninterrupted conversation with my husband. I am still shocked that he ate sundried tomatos.. something new even after 14 years. We will definitely be going back to tallulah's...

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