August 29, 2008

shelving rock * lake george

We have a lot to do this weekend to get ready for the huge labor day picnic happening the only hike that could be fit into the busy schedule was the 3.4 round trip hike up shelving rock mountain. This is an easy hike with very manageable switchbacks that rewards the hiker with a nice view of lake george from its grassy summit. the drive to and from took longer than the climb up and back. we left the trailhead at 3:15pm and were back in the cars by 5:30pm. this is one of those times where you might say, it doesnt matter where you hiked but who you hiked with and hey, at least you got to spend time in the woods. My cousins were with me, my mother and father, my daughter and my best friend of 18 years.

shadow was happy to be included and he got to bring his new friend (cousin), Patten the german shephard. We had the whole mountain to it's back to the picnic prep.

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