August 10, 2008

cell phone or ipod..hmmm

it is true that i am one of the last people to be living without a cell phone. even more sad is that my kids each have a track phone that i must ask to borrow should i be venturing out into a situation where i may need to call someone while on the road. an ipod is another piece of technology that i am living without. however, we bought our son a 4 GB ipod for his birthday and i quietly borrowed it while he slept this morning to take it on my walk. aside from not liking so much having to jam those little earphones in my ears, i thought it was pretty awesome. i walk/hike a trail behind my house (which is just inside the blue line of the adk park) and like to consider it a very handy way of fooling myself that i have been on an actual hike. i wouldn't hike with an ipod because it takes away from the sounds of nature, but i have now decided that my hike behind the house is way cool when it is set to music. i like music better than i like the idea of people being able to bug me wherever and whenever via a telephone attached to my hip. i may be in the market for my own ipod soon and for now still cannot think of a good enough reason to break down and get my own cell phone.

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sheri said...

Did I not tell ya that you're getting one for your birthday?!!!