August 10, 2008

does anyone else care if john edwards had an affair?

mrs. edwards has terminal breast cancer and in the last bit of her time the "news shows" are going to make sure her family's dirty laundry is aired over and over and over again. She entered her own post on a liberal blog titled the daily kos..
elizabethedwards ....but wait, an american was killed today in beijing so maybe she is safe from public humiliation while she continues to fight for time. investigative journalism at its best- it was two years ago, he is no longer any type of candidate and his political life will not be ruined by this (remember Bill Clinton).

already in a cynical mood, i was watching the opening ceremony of the olympics (supposedly immune from politics) and found that matt lauer and his commentator friends did nothing but introduce countries and give a full report on what each of their political maneuvers have been of late. meanwhile, there are so many uplifting and painfully touching stories that could have been highlighted about the amazing athletes that are competing. i want to hear about that, the good stuff.


renee said...

well said.

sheri said...

Usually I'm excited to watch the Opening Ceremony...but this year it's not the same. I'm not rushing to watch an event and really not interested in whether Phelps will meet his "gold". Maybe it's because of all the politics and tragities. Hello! Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes in one weekend...that's enough for me:-(