October 26, 2008

second annual halloween party

the games:

  • eat the suspended donut without using hands
  • a variation of musical chairs where no one has to sit out but you still win a prize
  • cotton ball race

the food:

  • smokin mac and cheese
  • apple crisp
  • taco salad

  • mummy wrapped hot dogs
  • ham and broccoli braided bread
  • punch
  • witch hat cookies

eight kids from 1-13 years old got all sugared up and enjoyed the pre-halloween celebration. we of course enjoyed the opportunity to have some good food and company. funny how the ghostbuster theme causes people in their 30's to reminisce.


renee said...

what is a cotton ball race?

also, i LOVE the witch hat cookies!
(thanks for the ups on the chili too...)

corin said...

cotton ball race: 3 teams of 2 kids scoop cotton balls out of one bucket with a spoon and have to race to another bucket about 15 feet away without dropping it and fill that bucket with cotton balls from the first bucket. at the end of the specified time whoever got the most in the second bucket wins. it is fun because of course if you run too fast the cotton ball blows off the spoon and you have to start over. in our case the second teams to go were in the 2-4 year old age range. provides a lot of laughs for the adults. a variation has also been done at bridal/baby showers where you dont run but you scoop them from the floor to a bowl in front of you with blindfold on. also very funny.

Tori said...

Wow, what a mouth-watering menu! Sounds fabulous. And that cotton ball race sounds way smarter than using eggs or the like, which I've also heard of. Great blog!

Jennifer said...