October 27, 2008

a shout out

my husband apparently decided to actually read my blog today. i know this because when we arrived home together this evening he was quoting parts of my post about our daughter's political views hoping to get a reaction from me. of course, he wanted to know why he doesn't get more mention. my answer: "it's not all about you dan". I will give credit where it is due, however, please note this is difficult for me. HE is the one who has been giving shadow his meds twice per day because I cannot stuff those pills down his throat to save my life. HE is the one who does most of the laundry in our house. HE is the one who listens to my work stories each night and that is something I should be eternally grateful for. Ok, that is enough praise. Now, I will gage how often he checks my blog by the number of days it takes until I hear feedback from him about this post. Is it time for hunting camp yet??????

I should also mention my father in law....as I believe he is my number one fan. When I dont get to post for a few days, I picture him sitting on the edge of his chair waiting. Seriously though, this is going to be a great tool for him to keep up on our happenings while he is safely tucked away in Florida this winter! Thanks for your support Bob....

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