November 23, 2008

oh boy..

I heard Boy George on a reunion weekend radio station while driving to the store with my son. Eighth grade was a big MTV year for me and my friends (the show was brand new and they showed lots of culture club) Culture Club was belting out one of their popular tunes with my eighth grader in the car. Naturally, to show him how ridiculous I can actually act, I started singing along to "I'll Tumble 4 ya"...I told him he had to sing the chorus if he wanted to get a snack at the store...He tries pleading ignorance...but luckily for him they sing the chorus about 14 times during the song. Humoring me in the biggest way he manages one "I'll tumble 4 ya" before quitting. Yeah, Greg is way too cool for this. He does want food, but even chips and dip are not worth this humiliation. He turns the channel before I am totally finished with my flashback.

Ill be your baby
Ill be your score (I used to think he said I'll be your girl)
Ill run the gun for you
And so much more
Chorus:Ill tumble 4 ya
Ill tumble 4 ya
Ill tumble 4 ya
Ill tumble 4 you

On Greg's station is Akon's song Dangerous: "Girl, I just want it right now, don't want to do no talkin" and suddenly, Boy George, unbelievably becomes harmless. Though I still am not sure what running the gun and tumbling for someone actually definitely sounds more innocent. Apparently musicians used to use abstract code words...these hip/hop rappers make sure they get right to the point.

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sheri said...

i don't even remember this!!! I'm with ya Greggie...except I would have jumped out the window...the hell with chips & dip