November 20, 2008

too cute~ ps 22 chorus

These kids are from the Public School 22 in Brooklyn. They have their own blog.
I came across this video at Superhero Journal. She labeled it pure magic in music. I have to agree. There is something about elementary chorus singing that chokes me up everytime! The Coldplay song they are singing has a catchy tune..but it is more about the look on their faces as they sing that is adorable. I still have a smile on my face...the chorus "coach" should be proud as this is no doubt going to have a huge impact on the success those kids will have in their school careers.


Allison said...

lol - boy in white t-shirt - front row - drumming on his legs .... adorable!

Cedar ... said...

WOW! now that's a great teacher,... getting great results from the kids. And those kids loved what they were doing. Thanks for posting this! It has started me day (I work in a school district) with a huge smile!