November 9, 2008

my new pieces of equipment

I found out last year snowshoeing into the flowed lands that water easily freezes in the nalgene bottles, so I am happy to have this cozy holder for at least one of my bottles. The ad for it also says that it will keep soup warm.
this little gadget should come in handy to get a shot of my father and I together at the summits when (rarely) there aren't any other climbers around. I am also excited to use it when photographing moving water with a slow shutter speed to get the blurred effect. the gorilla pod wraps around trees or flexes to sit level on unlevel surfaces, such as rocks.


Michael said...

Can you post a link to that camera "tripod"? That looks like a sure addition to the xmas list!

Cedar ... said...

I have another version of that tripod,.. i call it my "gumby!"

corin said...

michael: the link to one of the brands of flexible camera tripods. there are less expensive brands and they make different ones for point and shoot digital and SLR digitals.