November 18, 2008

my other most favorite show

All this blogging stuff definitely makes me feel a little bit hip...after all, when i started college the computer "main frame" took up a whole room in the basement of the computer lab. I did not email a single person during four years of college. We received accounts the first week, but not understanding what the heck this "email" stuff was...I never even activated the account. Granted, setting up your own blog is pretty easy, but nonetheless I am pretty impressed with my technical abilities. Remember I still don't have a cell phone. Now, just as I am feeling hip....enter into the picture Cody Linley. Best known for his part on Hannah Montana, he is the youngest (18 years old) contestant to participate in Dancing With the Stars. Which is my favorite show right after Law and Order SVU. Being pretty taken with my own son right about now as he is maturing and growing into a super awesome big guy (he just measured 5'7" at 13), Cody stole my heart right away.

I was talking to my sister on our ride to work (we carpool) and inadvertently called him a little pumpkin. He's cute, happy, emotional and sweet. But, tonight he got kicked off the show ~ sooner or later they all have to go. Hip went right out the window when my sister nefariously said...hmm, you know you are getting old when you call an 18 year old a little pumpkin.

Before you make fun of me for watching Dancing with the have to understand that it is a girls night gathering on my street, lots of goodies to eat and drink and most of the time I catch myself staring at the TV with a big old smile on my face. Feel good programming after a wicked day of felons works for me. Next week is the finals and Lance Bass will be strutting his stuff...check it out.

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