November 15, 2008

at least watch the first five minutes

Check out the movie What Would Jesus Buy. You'll be able to watch the whole thing by clicking the link, but you'll get the picture after the first five minutes. As a response to my last post, my friend at (i am alive) introduced me to this movie. I only had to watch the two minute trailer to know that this movie pretty much speaks the language of my mother, who for the past 7 years has been seriously concerned about the amount of "stuff" her grandchildren have accumulated. As a result we have all cut back on material items given at Christmas. The movie was created by the same guy who did Supersize Me. There is a line in the movie where the character says "everything on main street USA is manufactured in China". I dare you to try to find toys for your kids that are not. Last year, my mother refused to buy anything that came from china and encouraged us to do the same. It takes a lot longer to find meaningful gifts for kids and I love my mother for the effort she puts forth to find the special gifts she gives all of us. She is also the force behind us getting to some sort of church service at the holiday, further reminding us what the season is about. Mostly, I am thankful for her positive, thoughtful and grounded approach to grandparenting. (I think she's going to like getting her own blog "air time" too)


Anonymous said...

So here goes. I'll try to post a comment yet again. Thanks for not just "airtime", but nearly a starring role in this blog. Of course, I'll settle for a supporting role to Jesus anyday. This holiday, I think we should take a page from Cruise Control and write a poem or story remembrance for one another. What a great sequel to the cookbook. (And right up you know who's alley). Anyway, I wondered if I was ever going to get a mention on this site. Thank you. I knew it was not going to be for my hiking expertise, even though folks, I have hiked Hadley Fire Tower 3 times and several other non high peak mountains and was dubbed the "Ace" by my grandson. Love you Corin and Allison. Mom.

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