November 14, 2008

good commercial

I like the song and the message, but i am still going to honor buy nothing day
I have almost always worked the day after thanksgiving, but this year I'll be doing the same as last~hiking with my best girlfriend. I can't think of a better tradition and it beats getting up at 5am to brave the crowds. Spending money on people doesn't come close to the reward of spending time. I will do my part contributing to consumerism by purchasing toys for our adopt a family

My kids will get a few things, but they have come to understand through delivering to the needy families the past few years, that they have pretty much all they need. Everyday.


Cedar ... said...
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Cedar ... said...

money is tight here so my family and friends with be getting things will very small price tags but very big gifts of love. I like your hiking on the day after thanksgiving,... what a great way/place to be thankful. super idea! (made a silly typo in first comment,.. this is it corrected!)

renee said...

good for you and your family!
your post made me think of

Jennifer said...

On my way to dinner tonight, I was wondering if it would be a good year to tell my nine neices and nephews that I am discontinuing the gifts this year, and to tell my sisters that they don't have to get anything for Lindsey. Yeah, right. I'd have better luck changing the weather.

I got a little laugh at the commercial, because while I have always like Ty Pennington, Mark calls him a "carpretender".

corin said...

Jennifer: Nine children to shop for...yikes.
Renee: thanks for the heads on on the movie.