December 24, 2008

a chip off of......his aunt?

We got through Reagan's Nutcracker Recital
with 2 successful performances. Proof that the show really must go on no matter what, was Sunday's performance that took place minus about 10 dancers during the huge storm that passed through.

On to the next winter activity. Basketball games have already started. This is where I will be for the next few weeks. Back in the basketball bleachers where my family has spent some of its best times together watching my sister play high school and college ball. Time flies. 13 years ago the big guy wearing number 44 slept in my arms many a night in the Adirondack Community College gym.


Allison said...

This Aunt is so proud!....sniff...sniff

Cedar ... said...

Ohhh you know how I love basketball. Looks like he's got a wicked shot going on there! Keep us posted on how the season progresses.

DRK said...

I am so happy to see him in orange and black. He is such an awesome son. I can't wait until baseball