December 23, 2008

cutting room floor

As I was taking one last stroll through the stores this evening buying "stocking stuffers" (otherwise known as stuff we all need that can double as little presents) I came across the January issue of Adirondack Life magazine haphazardly thrown on a shelf (very far from the book section of the store). Well, actually everything appeared to be far from it's original place in the store. I took a minute to thumb through it while Reagan amused herself scanning items on the self price checker. Interestingly, there is an article this month about blogging from inside the park called Blog Cabin . Of course I quickly scanned the hilighted blogs for my own (ha ha) and was pleasantly surprised that while mine was not among the chosen, some that I read all of the time were. Adirondack Almanack is the lead blog and Adirondack Naturalist is mentioned. City Mouse Country House gets a big plug too. Maybe if I had stuck to the original topic of hiking, I would have had a better chance at being chosen. Like hiking, blogging offers a little escape from real life and I prefer to just do it my way. Turns out, I get about 25 hits a day. Who needs a big audience? I'm just glad someone out there actually "listens" voluntarily to me for an average of 4 minutes at a rip.

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