January 11, 2009

taking it easy

I had a rough (read sad) appointment at the end of my workday on Friday. All I could do was throw myself into the weekend and forget about work (read- had the wisdom to know the difference of what I cannot change).

So I.....

  • watched 10 kids pour their heart and souls out on the basketball court as they earned their coach (my husband's baseball coach, my third grade teacher and a big time family friend) his 300th career win. We sat with old friends we don't see very often which topped off the moment.
  • got to watch my own son play his game
  • got my hair cut and highlighted (self care, literally)
  • played dice with my parents while listening to the Eagles on my dad's birthday. very appropriate.
  • celebrated my neice's birthday with extended family
  • took reagan and my nephew snowshoeing. we had fun following the trail of a coyote all through the sun sparkled snowy woods.
  • cooked a nice dinner for dan who is doing awesome on his healthy eating plan.
  • watched my son go off on a movie date with his new "friend". Yikes.
  • snowshoed my usual canoe trail hike behind my house, with my father, by headlamp. not the dilly dallying type of trip with the kids. the kind that actually burns the 600 calories an hour "they" say that snowshoeing burns.
  • read a little from my library books
  • checked in on my blogger friends. we have a newbie on board and one finished her first full marathon.

I'm recharged for the week! Bring it on......


Mark W said...

That is the way to do it! "Talk" to you soon :-)

Jennifer W said...

Whoops. This new dual blogger thing has me messed. That was me.

Cedar ... said...

Corin, that was a good weekend. The best way to deal with "stuff"....