February 21, 2009

the searchers

I am not usually interested in statistics. Although even after being really horrible at math in high school, I earned an A- in my college statistics course. I am however, interested in who reads my postings so I checked out the stats counter on the blog today just to see what type of searches lands random people at my site. Street and Nye are the entered search words in 5 of the last ten listed hits. Interestingly, someone from Lexington KY spent 1 minute and 42 seconds after searching for blackflies in the adirondacks- which was the main topic in the post about none other than Street and Nye mountains. Someone actually entered corins walk in the park blogspot for a search and someone else was looking for... like a walk in the park... searching for another meaning for easy? Random person looking for Tempanada and someone in the UK searching for Orijen Mountain found Orijen dog food. I curiously did a search for Orijen Mountain and found nothing..maybe that was a typo.

Why am I talking stats? Not much going on? Just a "laid back" day.
  • haircuts for me and reagan
  • a little shopping for her florida trip. Dan even got a couple things.
  • Cool Beans Coffee Shop for Sandwiches
  • which we brought to Jen and Mark's house
  • returned books to the library
  • dropped off money for dance recital costumes
  • Home to make Mac and Cheese for dinner
  • Packing and laundry for the lucky travelers

Now I can worry about the incoming snowstorm...I have one traveling back from the Empire Games in Lake Placid on Sunday and the others flying out on Monday morning.


Cedar ... said...

Interesting stats on your blog readers. I was watching mine for a while, but somehow it got corrupted in my code and I lost my stats. I haven't spent the time to get it corrected. Your post has gotten me curious enough to re-establish that again. Blackflies! All I can say is around here they leave by July 4th,.. not soon enough!

Jennifer W said...

I loved statistics! Finally, a math I could do well in!

Allison said...

this is much more detailed than the sitemeter I have. - I would be curiouse to see my Stats!
let me know how you did it?