April 22, 2009

earth day.

This is the waterfall behind my house. Rarely is it spilling over this completely. What a treat it was to see during our first canoe trail walk of the season. The trail is still a little wet, but Hudson negotiated it like a champ. So did my husband. I will make him into a hiker yet (insert wicked witch laugh). As we were walking I wondered what day this week was designated earth day. In the past we have done a side of the road garbage cleanup on earth day. We'll have to fit that into the weekend. The water fall is at the site of the now closed International Paper Company. Talk about cleaning up the environment. Since the mill closed I am sure there are far less pollutants going into the air directly above my house. So many people in the neighboring community have fought for new industry to come to this site to create jobs and tax revenue. I on the other hand am thankful for the people who have fought hard to keep trash plants and other not so environmentally friendly businesses out of my backyard.

I plan to continue carpooling to work as one of my efforts to reduce impact on the planet. How about you?


Cedar ... said...

I think today is the actual Earth Day, but at our school we wait until early May, then do projects. For me personally, I'm not sure but being a nature lover I'm sure I'll find something to do that will contribute to the philosophy. I'll let you know!

Allison said...

car pooling is definately a must! I agree!