May 7, 2009


Since renewing my friendship with my friend from college I have received 2 packages and one card in the mail from her. Last week I got a card out of the blue...which was a very bright part of my week. I happened to have a blank card at home so I quickly wrote a response and intended to be a "real mail sender" myself. However, the card has sat in my purse waiting for a stamp. Blog tributes to this wonderful girlfriend are going to have to work for now....Today I got home from work to find another package. This time it was a hand crafted mother's day card (actually it was a mini scrap book) with a mixed music (meaningful) CD. You see, we are doing the Brene Brown read along together (but miles apart) and part of the read along is doing homework assignments. regan decided to share her mix tape assignment with me by sending that CD.
Friend regan (as opposed to daughter reagan) included the quote: "I do not wish to treat friendship daintily, but with the roughest courage. When they are real, they are not glass threads or frost work, but the solidest thing we know"......Ralph Waldo Emerson.

She also included a wish for a happy mother's day.....

Happy mother's day to you too regan!
Us....13 years ago.

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