May 10, 2009

mother's day

I was greeted at the door after work on Friday by both kids bearing gifts that they had made in school. I have to say I expected something "school made" from reagan, but getting a computer lit class generated mother's day card from greg was a shock. I immediately thought of a conversation that a friend and I had right before our boys started preschool together. She said, "I can't wait until we start getting projects made with macaroni from the boys". Gifts made at preschool were so cherished that they could easily have been the sole reason to send your 3 year old there. Here is part of Greg's card. The front has a picture of Mt. Marcy on it (we climbed together) and the page opposite this picture of him batting was the Hadley Mt. Firetower Patch. Reagan painted me a mini flower pot and made french toast and coffee for me this morning. This would have been a real treat, except she loves to do this whenever we have a weekend morning free. Like the sentiment in Greg's card....they both make me feel special everyday.
Happy Mother's Day to you all.


Anonymous said...

C - Creative
O - Original
R - Reflective
I - Imaginative
N - Nurturing

Qualities that spell out a wonderful mother. Happy Mother's Day to you.

Anonymous said...

Glad your Mother's Day was wonderful! It's so funny that we're switching places between Brooklyn and the Adirondacks this weekend!

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

Fabulous - you've got some creative and loving kiddos there, Corin. and by the way - you always have the best music on your blog site ...
-- Davielle