August 6, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday Greg

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Every year since Greg was 10 I have said that I wished I could freeze him at "that age"....each year he has brought me more and more joy. He has developed an awesome sense of humor and I love just being around him. So once again, I am thinking 14 is going to bring more of the same fun....Bring on the high school years!!! Ok. yeah. I. Know @ the turbulence. Sometimes it is better to watch him from afar. But that is because he is so darn handsome and he definitely acts more polite with every other person on earth besides the three people who have to live with him. I'm friend tells me he'll come back around @ about 16 and a half. Whatever. He's calling me right now to come and tuck him in. Shhhhh!!!


Allison said...

Good luck with those high school years....I'll be watching and learning. Learning from you that is, on how to handle a teenage boy. 'cause that will be me sooner than I think, and right now I'm not looking forward to it.
Greg is great - happy birthday to him!!!

Cedar ... said...

Happy Birthday Greg!