August 1, 2009

lots to smile about in Michigan

Greg and Mike getting off the bus. These are the two "local" boys the newspaper is now talking about. Guess what Post are going to be covering these two aces for the next 4 years! Today they combined for a Triple play....Greg was playing third and #20 was playing first base. Greg caught a line drive for the first out, threw to first base where Mike got the runner who was trying to come back to first and then Mike gunned the ball back over to Greg at third where the runner who was trying to advance from second was tagged out!!!
Opening ceremonies for the Sandy Koufax 13's World Series. There are teams from Connecticut, Maryland, Indiana and Michigan to name a few....
I love the candid style of this picture and how it somehow captures the essence of Team.

Greg hit .500 in the first round with 2 doubles, a triple, some singles and only 2 strike outs. He had 3 RBI's and scored 5 runs. That is puttin' up some numbers!

The Scoreboard after the first round of pool play. 20 teams were broken into 4 pools. South Troy is shown undefeated and advancing to the start of the double elimination round. Greg got the starting game of the second round and although pitching a "gem" according to Dan...the game ended in the team's first loss of the tournament at 9-7.

They bounced back in the next two games that were played Friday and are now in the final four. The Dodgers go up against an undefeated team at 10:30am Saturday morning. Each win so far represents an advancement that FEW kids who play this game will ever experience.
All of these photos came from one of the parent's flickr sites. How awesome for me to be able to access them while the series is still going on. Makes me feel like I am there. Which at this is killing me that I am not. Something tells me though, that I am going to have the opportunity to see lots of great moments like this in the next 8 years.


reneƩ said...

i'm beaming with pride and i don't even know your son...
very, very cool!

Cedar ... said...

wow,.... I'll bet Greg will go far in baseball. Maybe (probably!) the major leagues!