December 16, 2008


Mrs. Walsh started the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and John Walsh needs no introduction. They have advocated tirelessly for child victims and his show has enabled many dangerous fugitives to be captured and forced to "face the music". Thankfully, they appear to feel some relief in the findings of today.

My Schedule for the week:

Sunday- daughter's 4 hour nutcracker practice and cast party
Monday- daughter's 2 hour rehearsal for nutcracker
Tuesday- daughter's chorus concert
Wednesday- son's basketball game
Thursday- more nutcracker and niece's preschool program
Friday- dress rehearsal nutcracker
Saturday- basketball in the morning, deliver adopted family gifts, nutcracker production number one
Sunday- nutcracker production number two

Suddenly this was all put into perspective and just became a little more do-able.

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