December 15, 2008

meaningful support of local artists

I have 5 kids under the age of 7 to buy gifts for. Running behind as usual on my Christmas shopping, I am refusing to break down and get meaningless toys just to be able to cross names off of the list. It is enjoyable for me to purchase fancier than normal books for the little kids. Mainly because when I was buying picture books for my kids, I found them to be expensive and wasn't always able to splurge. When I did buy a special book, it quickly became our favorite and recalling our time spent reading them together is precious. I can't really tell you what the kids' favorite toys were, but I can tell you that Greg's favorite book was Barney Plays Nose to Toes. It was an interactive book that we used to read right before naptime. Reagan's favorite was What Makes a Rainbow? My niece and my little cousin are getting the above book, written by a former classmate from my High School, Jennifer Fosberry. Even though she currently lives on the west coast, I still consider buying her book making a local contribution.

We have chosen names of the adults we will buy for in my husband's family and I chose his aunt. When I mentioned to my mother that I was agonizing over what to get her, she suggested a print from Lynn Benevento's Gallery. The above print is one of my favorites, at least 3 others are now on my wish list. After talking with the artist for a bit on Sunday, I found that she not only paints local scenery but is very in love with the high peaks and all things outside in the Adirondacks. Her love of nature is very evident in her work and I look forward to purchasing some of her prints for myself. She just lost her husband to cancer and when he became unable to hike they had completed 41 of the 46 high peaks. I am hoping she will finish them someday, as I totally believe he will be waiting for her at the summit of #46. I could not have felt better about my purchases. That is real retail therapy folks.


Allison said...

Oh yeay! - I can't wait to read Isabella!
I love it that you buy the kids Books - If that becomes your signature gift - the kids will look forward each year to the great book Aunt corin will get them for their collection!

Cedar ... said...

White trillium is one of my most favorite flowers, I have a bed of them in the woods not far from my house. And what a lovely rendition that art work is. I will have to check her out! Or maybe you can just add me to your Christmas list? ;)

jenfos said...

I will always be a local girl! And we thank you for your support. Actually, I am in town visiting my folks, so if you would like me to personalize and sign books for you (and we can figure out how to meet up), I would love to.

corin said...

allison: thanks for the enthusiasm

Cedar: I will get you a trillium print if you let me sit on your porch someday to look at your view of Dix Mt.

Jen: Wow, what can i say? Who actually blogs about books and has the real live author comment on the post!! Thanks and i will definitely look to hook up with you for a book signing event. Hopefully UPS will deliver while you are still home.